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Flex Massage Therapy

FLEX Massage Therapy COVID-19 Response

**UPDATE** - February 28, 2022



Safety requirements/standards that our office must comply with are as follows:

1.  As it has always been our office policy if you are experiencing ANY cold or flu-like signs/symptoms your appointment MUST be canceled. If in 24-48 hours there is a positive change in your condition, please reach out to us and we would be happy to reschedule your appointment


2.  We continue to ask ALL patients to be respectful of their scheduled appointment and arrive ON TIME. You may arrive 5-10min early and wait in our waiting room but we continue to have limited and distanced seating. 


3.  Once you enter the office building, we continue to ask and recommend that ALL *outside footwear be removed, and you MUST proceed to the available public washroom or utilize the provided hand sanitizers to WASH/CLEAN YOUR HANDS, free from any germs and viruses that you may have carried in with you from the outside. 

* If you are wearing open-toed sandals please remember to bring with you a pair of socks IF you wish to have something on your feet. We do provide shoe covers if you do not wish to or cannot remove your footwear. 


4. Effective February 28, 2022, masks are once again only RECOMMENDED NOT REQUIRED to be worn in our commonly shared/accessed office spaces ie: front entry and waiting room area. 


5.  In an attempt to reduce contact transfer, we will continue offering emailed treatment receipts for those that would prefer them.



Please continue to stay safe and healthy everyone.